Welcome to the Zodiac Bistro

Once upon the Internet, there was a magical place called Prodigy. It is said that the Zodiac Bistro was born there. The Bistro became famous around the many universes within Prodigy, and people visited, bringing their stories to entertain the other patrons.

Prodigy no longer exists. The stories told back then by the patrons were scattered to the many dimensions of the Internet, leaving no trace.

But the Zodiac Bistro still exists. It lives in a place with magical doorways that appear and disappear as needed. One door closed. Many other doors still remain open. You have found one such door here.

I am your current hostess, Boudica. Here, I present my short stories, continuing episodes, and fiction as I dream up in my warped brain. Some will be complete, some will be works in progress, and others may make no sense. Those will probably be labeled No Context for You. But the intended parties will know and laugh.

Come join me as we celebrate fiction, the short story, and humor that can be light as a feather or darker than the recessed niches in my brain.




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Currently, we have the BarCat episodes available for our reader's pleasure.
Episodes will be available first on my Facebook Author Page.

You can also find me on Good Reads.

I will have more short stories. I have a few ideas in a rough draft.
Give it some time. They will mature and become a fine wine, well worth the wait.

I have written four books in a series I call The Fools Journey.
The books follow the story associated with the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck.
Each book has a card, and the story relates to the concept behind the card.

The characters in my book are all on a journey. It's called life.
The three young ladies - Kaitlyn Sullivan, Gina Morrow, and Terri Jones, live in New York City and are on their way to finding their places in the world.
Oh, by the way, they are also witches. They live within The City, along with  
shapeshifters, fairies, elves, witches, ghosts, vampires, and all sorts of otherworldly individuals.

If you enjoy Womens Paranormal Urban Fiction, this series is sure to delight
and surprise the reader.

So, give this series a read. There are four books, and the fifth is already in the works and due out early next year.
The books are available from Amazon as either ebook files for immediate reading or paperback for those who like paper books.

Book Five

Book Four

Book Three

Book Two

Book One

A short story I wrote a while back.
Murder, mayhem, and


I found a story while I was swapping out my old computer for a new one. Digging through the files, I found this gem. 


A short story I wrote for print, but it didn't get there. Please enjoy: